Wedding & Special Event Addendum


The Tenant is responsible to use the premises in a manner consistent with all applicable rules and ordinances, included but not limited to fire and building codes, parking regulations, subdivisions covenants, noise regulations, and any other applicable requirements.

  • Event homes are located in residential areas and it is critical that special event do not disrupt the quality of life in these areas.
  • Tenant agrees all decorations, rental equipment, and catering equipment will be removed from the premises prior to departure.
  • Tenant agrees to dispose of all trash in the appropriate receptacles prior to departure. (Excessive trash left behind will result in additional charge)
  • Tenant agrees to notify TripForth of any damages to the property prior to departure.


TripForth allows a specified maximum number of event guests per home. Please contact TripForth if you are planning to host an event for more than the specified maximum number of event guests noted specifically within the listing of each event home.


Tenant must make parking arrangements for event guests in advance. On-street parking is strictly prohibited and will result in towing at owners expense.


Tenant agrees to pay the specified Special Event Security Deposit, which is returned 30 days after departure if there are no damages, or the specified Special Event Fee, which is non-refundable. The Security Deposit or Event Fee requirements will be indicated within the description of each event home along with the specified amount.


A specified minimum amount Event Liability Insurance Policy and coverage is required. TripForth has acquired the appropriate Event Liability Insurance and passed that cost, plus a fee equal to 10% of the final insurance amount, through to the Tenant as an additional charge displayed via Charges Summary. THE INSURANCE COST, PLUS FEE, IS CHARGED TO THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE UPON RECEIPT OF THE COMPLETED EVENT ADDENDUM. ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL IS A COPY OF YOUR EVENT LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY. PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL FOR YOUR RECORDS.

Prohibited Special Events and Activities: Activist rallies/marches/literature distribution, Athletic events and competitions, Block party, Cannabis related events, Circuses, Color party, Foam party, Raves, Concerts, Craft Fairs, Events involving motorized vehicles, Fashion Shows, Food eating contests, Fraternity or sorority events, Rides, Mechanical amusement devices, Inflatable recreational devices, Dunk tanks, Bungee operations/equipment, Geocaching events, Gun and/or knife shows Haunted attractions, Health fairs or shows, Historical battle reenactments, Mazes, Open to the public, Parades, Pumpkin Chuckin events, Seances, Sporting events, Ticket sales/fee to attend, Tractor Pulls, or Walks or Runs.

Tenant may also wish to acquire optional Event Cancellation Insurance.

  • For more information about Wedding Cancellation Insurance provided through WedSafe click HERE.
  • For more information about Private Event Cancellation Insurance provided through Private Event Insurance, click HERE.


Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Agent and the owner from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Tenants guests) as a result of any cause, unless caused by the negligent or willful act of Agent or the owner, or the failure of the Agent or the owner.


Property Manager is not responsible for any aspect of arranging the event, dealing with sub-contractors, coordination of event related services, post-event cleaning or any other aspect of the event except the availability of the premises in the condition represented by the Confirmation Agreement and descriptive materials. The Tenant has entered into the agreement for use of the premises without representation concerning the suitability of the premises for the event. Provisions in this agreement for deposits or charges do not constitute consent or permission for misuse of the property. Without limiting the foregoing, the following items are specifically disclaimed: 1) use of or access to public lands and facilities such as river, shore, public parks, parking lot or spaces; 2) impact of weather on the event.


Tenant must comply with Property Specific Provisions noted within the Property Specific Provisions section of the Confirmation Agreement. For questions regarding the Property Specific Provisions, please contact a TripForth Event Specialist at or call 888-811-7850.