TripForth is dedicated to A Better Way To Own through providing a great experience along the way.

We know your time is valuable and that’s why we’ve made the rental process simple:
1. Complete the RENTAL AGREEMENT and W-9 form here or use the form below.
2. Relax; your work is complete!
3. TripForth will provide updates along the way.

Be sure to have made a reservation through your home resort.  TripForth will need the arrival and departure dates, unit number and the specific community of the resort in which you own. If you have a double unit, please specify if you want them listed together, separately or just one.

Contact our team.  We welcome all conversation from our ownership groups.  Our team is available 7 days a week at 888.811.7850 or via email at Owners@tripforth.com. We value the opportunity to provide an exceptional experience when listing your timeshare week.


Q. May I mail my agreement?
A. Yes. Mail your completed form and W-9 to TripForth Owner Services at address:
11530 Model Road
Elkton, VA 22827.
Once your agreement is processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Q. When do I get my rental check for my rented week?
A. Disbursements occur no later than 30 days following the last day of the month your week falls within. For example, if your week starts September 1, your rental disbursement will occur no later than Oct 31st.

Q. What fees can I expect?
A. There is no fee to list your week for rent. TripForth is only receives a commission if the unit is rented. In addition to the commission, there would only be occupancy related charges. This means if your unit rents to a 4 night stay and then another 3 night stay the occupancy expense would be a cleaning fee.

Q. Is there any guarantee?
A. Unfortunately, no. What we can guarantee is that we will do our very best to provide you with the best possible service and experience.

Q. How will we know if our week is rented?
A. At this time, you can contact our team by phone or email as frequent as you’d like to check the status. COMING SOON! Timeshare Owners will soon be provided online account access to view the status in real time.

Q. How does TripForth generate rental bookings?
A. TripForth utilizes numerous online booking channels through our network of partners to promote and add exposure for your property. Reservations are accepted 7 days a week by phone and 24 hours a day online.

Q. How do I get information for annual tax purposes?
A. If your weeks produces $600 or more, TripForth will generate and mail your 1099 Tax Form in compliance IRS standards.

Q. How do you determine rental rates?
A. Rental rates are determined by the market. Factors considered are; time of year, special events in the area, amenities of the resort, and the size/type of unit.

Rental Agreement Form

Complete the below form to list your timeshare week for rent. Confirmation of your listing will follow within 24 hours of submitting this completed form.

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